• In my head began the separation,
    Very slowly interrupting the normal
    As an elevator coming to a halt,
    At each traumatism.

  • As it slowly descended, it became
    Obstructed at the head and body 
    Connection, causing disconcertion.

  • The motor slowly lost its ability
    To function, leaving the body to
    Flounder in desperation.

  • One day I was doing a meditation.
    A child appeared hanging
    Her head in condemnation.
    I asked her what she needed. 
    She said “I need to know I am 
    Received in appreciation.

  • I told her she had my admiration,
    For surviving the annihilation.
    She slowly lifted her head and 
    Smiled, as the elevator continued
    Its operation!

  • Copyright (c)2019 by Donna Nieri 

  • Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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