Love Letters To Daddy #2

Well, there were some bad scenes for a
Child to see. There was viciousness in
The kitchen, the day you staggered across
The kitchen floor. A pressure pot of beans
Exploding on the ceiling, sending you to the
Hospital reeling. You were all bandaged up
When you came home.
But even all the crazy things that went on,
I would gladly have stayed, rather than
Go back to the scary things that happened
Every day.
After my visit, I went back home, and as
Usual, we began moving around from
Town to town. School had rules and I
Had to relearn each one.
I got into trouble, when I went back,
I started chasing around, doing stupid
Things that you can only do in a mining
With gambling halls, bars and fights.
There were no rules or curfews, I
Could do anything I wanted to. Many
Times staying up past midnight.
Mama was not around much, and I was left
Alone, but I always hoped things would
Get better.
I’m so glad you didn’t know these things,
Your heart would have broken, for all the
Trials your child went through.
I wouldn’t be honest if I denied my
Anger. Where were you when I needed
Protection from danger?
But Daddy, you would have been proud
Of me, I learned to survive, it is amazing
What children can do when they try.
I tried many things to protect myself,
They were not the smart thing to do,
But it was all I knew.
Well, this letter is pretty long and you have
Bent your ear to hear these words.
You know Daddy, I really appreciate
You listening, since you were
Unable to hear me as a child, so
I will come back tomorrow to share
Another letter!

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