Love letters to Daddy

Letter #3

“I really tried my best Daddy,
I really did”

Well, here I am once more. I already feel
Relief, just putting these words in pen and
Ink, even though I am a grown up now.

I know I have said this before and I was

But I was all mixed up. I didn’t know why

These things had to happen.

Why these things had to happen I don’t
I had difficulties with Mama, she was
Unbearable to live with, and I wanted
Out of the trauma.
She kept going into those buildings
With flashing lights for hours. I
Stared in those windows, hoping she
Would come,
But she never won those games she
Played, even though she went every
I thought the way was to get married,
And before you knew it I had two
Children living in a mining town.
You would have loved the two little
Girls, if you could have been a
Grandpa, I know you would.
But I knew in my heart I would never
Raise them like me. And then I was
Shown a way to keep them safe from the
Pain I had seen.
And you know Daddy, even though I
Tried my best, I struggled with the
Things of my past. But there was a
Reformation revealed, I had a glimpse
Of something better.
There was a Power greater than I, that
Kept me going.
Well, dear Daddy, I keep rambling on,
So I have lots more to say in the next

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