love letters to daddy

Letter #4

“I just wanted to share this with you,
so you would know I would be alright”

I know you loved me, I really did

I have thought a lot during the night about
What I should write today. There are so many
Things, and I don’t want to seem as I am
Repeating them.

It is not necessarily in order, but
Then why would they be, since they are
All mixed up in me?

I had no other place to go, other than
where you were, and that was not an

Darn it, Daddy, did you think one more drink
Would make you better, like me, one more
Prayer would make you care?

And then again a glimpse of something
Appeared, I’m not
Sure why, you know as well as I,
We had no values, no religious ties.

One day, I was
Stricken with a God driven direction.
Sitting in a pew, searching for you,
The organ struck the chords, as from the

Hymnal I sang. I knew this was the answer
To all my questionings. My heart rejoiced
And I was blessed.

My mind was ushered into a cathedral
Filled with mighty crescendos. Then
Guided to the altar, I faltered at the
Solemnity of this place. This truly was
By far the greatest experience of all.
I just wanted to share this with you,
So you would know I would be alright!

But little did I know there was a
Battle to be fought, for the enemy was
Not going to give up. He was angry
That I was no longer under his
Control. But God knew all this, and He
Had a plan to keep your child safe from

I know this must be difficult for you
To hear, but after much help and many
Years, it got better!

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