Here we are again, I remember all the
goodbyes before, you would hug me so
tight as I left your arms, I really don’t
know why I cried so hard, it was like
I would not see you again.
I’ve heard there is a special bond
between fathers and daughters.
and writing these letters have
really helped, I may not have
used the choicest of words, the
punctuation may not be correct,
but they have been written
from my heart.
And so I bequeath to you all my
wanderings and confusions,
the incorrect father image I
have imagined.
I had to let go of putting you
in God’s place.
Your image has slowly been
replaced, fading in the distance
and erased.
And when I fear I have been
left alone, I try to remember
it is not true, not believing
these lies, God is always here.
This is not the end of this
road we have traveled. I know
one day I will see you again,
for that is the plan. You will
appear in the resurrection.
My last will and testament
to those I love, is that my
children will be spared this
legacy I received in the past,
that they will share it with
And so dear Daddy, I am
letting you go and saying
goodbye, but just for a time.
Thank you for listening to your
daughter’s last words, I look
forward to seeing you in the

Copyright(c) all of these letters 2017
by Donna Nieri

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