I packed my bags, putting them in my little red
wagon, starting down the street, not knowing
where I was going. This is how my life began
as a child, running from my past, dragging
my baggage, always hoping there
would be someone to catch me. From the very
beginning through trauma and abuse, I left
a part of me behind. I became separated
from my child within. I fought against
her, even though I desperately needed her.
But she was always there, trying to help me.
I was so filled with anger and rage, I could
not even cry.

And this is how I ran through life, unable to feel,
fearing all my fears and shame lurking before me.
I developed an odd way to face life, always pulling
my little red wagon, loaded with heavy burdens
that a child should not bare.
Little did I know that one day I would be led
to the help I needed, just waiting to help me
let these burdens go.

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