The Old Chevy Coupe

The old blue Chevy Coupe left the city,
climbing the steep mountain passes,
on to the high desert, where the skies are
blue and clear.

Children peer out the window in awe
and surprise at the sand, sun and
cacti, with rabbits running to hide. This
is a story of a family searching for gold.
A mama, a sister and brother with
their old black Chow. Shadows of
the Sierra’s fade in the distance,
coming to a land of lavender shaded
hills and rugged ravines.

Day begins to close and darkness falls,
as they stop beside the road of this
lonely land, unloading their meager
supplies. A kindling of fire sizzles, as
they heat a can of beans. Mama drinks
coffee but the children are too young, so
they just drink water instead.

The children go to sleep with old army
blankets from the car’s back floor. Sounds
of the desert are frightening with coyotes,
rattlesnakes and Great Horned Owls.
The sun’s warmth is welcomed as they waken.

Coming around the bend in this desolate land,
there is a little mining town. They finally arrived.
Barely a green thing grows here, except by the
mill where water washes ore and dirt on the mining

Mama finds an old mining shack for the children
to live in, they just get settled and go to school,
but then mama decides to move on, and so the
little family hits the road again, little do they
know, this would be the beginning of their
desert travels.

And so the Saga goes on!

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