We Finally Arrive

It seemed like a long night, our car struggling
up hills and mountains, we were all pressed
together and pretty cross.
And then we came to a town nestled in the
hills, just as the sun shone its slants of early
morning light.

Sifting through trees and ravines,
waking creatures as they venture
from their holes. Miners cross the hills
as children awake, scurrying to school,
mothers washing clothes, in the hot
desert breeze hanging them to dry.
The smell of coffee, potatoes and eggs
drift through the air.

Abandoned mines and shafts lie in huge
pockets of earth, among brown crusty
hills. Our eyes big and wide, gaze
upon this sight, the largest town in our

Our ever faithful car, taking us everywhere
we needed to go, finally came to its end
and died.
We never did strike it rich. But through
these travels we found riches far better
than gold. The earth crumbled beneath
our feet, we felt the gusts of wind and
ate the dust. It took a lot of trust to live
in a land like this. Our mama loved us
the best she could, everywhere she went
we went too, taking us for a ride over
hills, bumps and ridges, becoming bridges
over time. This is where we needed to be,
in spite of misery and despair. We were
being prepared for the lessons of life.

The circuit of our travels is telling a story,
one that unravels in time.

One that will hopefully help others in their
travels as well!

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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