Only as we look back on how we have been led,
will we be able to trust the future.

“You are our hiding place, You preserve
us from trouble, You surround us with
songs of deliverance”

Psalm 32:7

It seems when bad news is received we
automatically think the worst, how many
words of fear and doubt, the worst scenario,
bombard the mind? Just recently this
happened to me. A dear niece had received
the news of breast cancer, the very words
dreaded. I was dumbfounded, how could
this happen to my brother’s daughter?
And in order to deal with the news, I began
sorting through books, discarding those
no longer pertaining to the path I have now
been led. There were several books of
journaling I had done over the years, and as I
grouped them together, I opened one and
there before my eyes fell an experience I had
recorded, dated August 3, 2010, when Kim had
become very ill, and was not expected to live.
I was awakened by a sound at the window
at three o’clock in the morning and knelt to
pray, I called my brother and he also was
awakened by a sound and knelt to pray. Kim
was healed! Could this experience of opening
a page directed by God, remind me of this,
bringing faith, knowing God is aware of her
need, leading us to trust?

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