In the midst of chaos and confusion, when all
seems out of order, when even the rungs of the
ladder are loose below our feet, there is a hand
that hold us until our steps are complete.

He will teach us and guide us in the way
we should go – Psalm 32:8

My struggle through grief left me hopeless,
I was sure I would never see the light of day
again, remorseful and burdened with pain,
I tried to walk the staircase to deliverance –

I have tried everything
trying to escape, not
able to think,

climbing the ladder of

The steps of the ladder
do not always come in

sometimes I slip,
falling back on the
rungs of the others.

Then it wavers and
begins to fall,
holding on with dear
life, I tread these

steps, thinking I have
achieved, then it
suddenly changes.

My mind thinks in
theory, why can’t they
all happen at once,
and then I see,

there are five stages
in all,


Of all these, ACCEPTANCE
is the answer to them all!

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