Story Of A Baby

One of my favorite stories is about baby
Moses, one that thrills the heart and captures
the mind with the power and deliverance for
all of God’s people. Because of a sister’s
faithfulness, generations of His people were

This story is recorded in the book of Genesis
in the Bible.

A long time ago in an ancient world,
a basket was hidden on the banks
of the River Nile.
It held a baby, hidden in grass , reeds
and lotus leaves.
His sister stood by, pleading with
God to protect this child.
One day a princess was bathing and
heard the baby cry.
She ordered her maidens to fetch
the basket before he died.
Opening the basket, there lay the
baby, none more beautiful than
she had seen.
This was a secret she kept with
her maidens and took the baby
to be her child.
Running home to her mother,
his sister shared the news, her
baby would be safe and it made
her smile.
This baby was special, God had
a plan when he became a man.
The mother nursed him and his
sister loved him, their baby was
The prayers they prayed had been
raised to the God above.
Moses was his name meaning,
“drawn from the water.” Given
by the Pharaoh’s daughter.
He grew to be a boy and then a
man. He had a brother named
Aaron and they dwelt in a land
called Egypt, till their ruler,
Joseph died….

This is an excerpt from the author’s
book sharing many other stories for
the adult’s inner child. To read the
rest of this story go to Donna Nieri
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