The Story Of Ruth

A story of a Moabite woman who turns from
her heritage to cling to the God of Israel. Her
faithfulness has been recorded down through
the ages.

From the book of Ruth found in the Bible

It seemed like it took a long time to express my feelings,
speaking on paper, the experiences of my life. Longer
than I would have expected. But I finally came to
realize, this is enough, and needed to direct my writing
in a new direction. After my conversion in my early
life, spiritual stories became a healing force, as I
read the stories of the faithful men and women in spite
of their trials and afflictions.

The story of Ruth began a series of biblical stories I have
written of the exciting and endearing personalities that
produce faith and trust.

The Story Of Ruth
…”Small sun baked homes in this town
are made of stucco and yellow straw, and
have flat roofs, opening into a courtyard
and cobblestone streets.
Bright pink and red bougainvillea climb
along walls, and yellow blossoms of
forsythia welcome spring. Spring is a happy
time in nearby fields, seed is sown of
barley and rye…it seems it always rains when
the seed is planted, and they have plenty of
food and water…
the evening is sultry, too warm to sleep,
quietly she stirs as she labors to walk the
stone stairs to the roof to escape the heat,
to lay in the coolness and look at the stars.
Rolling to her side, as she lays in wait, to
give birth to her child…a cry is heard as pain
begins, the family wakes, rushing to their
mother, a baby is about to be born…
It is a difficult birth as she languishes
in pain, her cries are heard throughout
the town…a midwife is called running
quickly to get a stick to place in the
mother’s mouth…

…as dinner is served, the food is strange,
bread without leaven and roasted lamb,
bowls of fruit with pomegranate and figs,
and grapes the largest she has ever seen.
Dates and raisin cakes midst onions and
as the custom is, every week there is a
special day to celebrate. It is called the
Sabbath, a happy time for Ruth…the day
turns to evening, a special woven cloth
is placed on the table, six candles in the
center are lit, His presence is requested
and they sing a song, as father lifts his hands,
inviting the God of Shalom to enter their
…Selected quotes from the book of Ruth I
have written

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