A Child’s Journey Through Darkness

“I am not sure what this is all about”

Written by a child birthed into a world
of doubt

Father is holding her with his arm,
she is sobbing in pain. The white
clad doctor in alarm, rushes through
the hospital door. Water is
running down mother’s legs unto
the floor. I begin to ooze between
my mother’s loins, when suddenly
I stop. They quickly pull a bed over,
in anguish she lies. A resistant birth,
in suffering she cries. They pull
me out with metal claws, squeezing
my head, with scissors they cut the
umbilical cord. I have arrived!
I am set aside, as they mop up
afterbirth and water, nurses running
to beds of screaming mothers.
A darkness follows me, from an
infant it encloses me. My eyes are
pinched by blackness, I am
accompanied by sadness. Bringing
me home, my tapered crown is
covered with a cap. Dressed in
pink, she holds me in her lap, as
I sink into a sleep, then waking to
the sound of the tinkling of glass,
of people laughing and having
drinks. Friends and family come
to see this baby, curious to see if I
am normal. I am a gazing ball as
they stare, not sure of what lays
in this cradle. The day comes when
I open my eyes, I look around
at the strange objects, my mind
trying to grasp the colors, smells
and words of curse with adverse
sounds. The very first words I

hear…even as I begin to creep,
there is something that is not
right. I weep in my sleep, waking
to somber thoughts, not knowing
what they are all about. Whispers
are about me, I am sitting in the
center of an atrocity, I am filled
with curiosity. Who are they?
With one fist in my mouth,
trying not to cry, clutching my
doll…she comes into my room
and with a jerk I awake, crawling
out of bed. Two years old,
I am a football! A group of men
are acting strange and laughing.
One comes and picks me up,
throwing me in the air,
taking turns, catching me.
One time they miss! I drop to
the floor, hitting my head.
Touchdown! I am dazed. Red
fluid leaks out. People stand
around…the stage has been
set, could this be the start of
A child’s journey through

Excerpts from the book by
the author –
“Weeping Child To Forgiving Child”

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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