The Garden

The Lord God Planted A Garden In Eden

Genesis Two

“Of Every Tree In The Garden You May
Freely Eat”

“But Of The Tree Of Good And Evil You
Shall Not Eat”

She sat in the garden in quietness and trust,
a garden full of trees, but one in the midst
she must not touch, it was forbidden.
The sun reflects apples of burnished gold,
with leaves of vivid green. A lustrous sheen
of light surrounds it, a dazzling sight before
her eyes. She is astounded by its beauty as
she slowly rises, but she had remembered
God’s words of caution,” do not touch it,
or else she would surely die.”

Then The Serpent Said To The Woman
“You Will Not Surely Die”

Genesis Three

There is a rustling sound and to her
surprise, a serpent is resting among
branches. She could not resist and
went closer and found it pleasing.
He saw her coming and slithered to
her side, whispering –
“Come, touch the fruit and eat, you
will not die, but you will be as wise
as your God and I.”
She is startled at its gaze as she
looks in its eyes and hears its
deceptive words.
Closer and closer she nears the tree,
bending her ear to the serpents call,
plucking the fruit and then she falls.
Running to her helpmate, she passes
the fruit that he may eat and join her
They stood at the gate in a shy
embrace, as God came walking in the
coolness of day, looking for His
children who had disobeyed. They hid
among the trees in fear, then heard
Him speak, “My love and forgiveness
is with you, a Way has been provided
that you will be saved.” The guardian
angels wept softly as they closed the
doors of the gate.
The garden’s once tethered breeze
now blows with fury. A chain of
lightning with distant thunder, then
rain appears.
Their bodies once clothed with
light, now became garments of
leaves clinging to their skin.
Vines and flowers began to
hang their heads, ones they had
dressed in beauty, now became
But one special Vine was given,
planted by the hand of God, its
branches filling the earth with
pardon and love.
Over miles of distant lands and
many seas, through violent winds
and tragedy, wherever man would
live, the Vine would follow them.
Its ‘Tender Roots’ will survive,
producing fruit, the wine press
has been trodden, the grapes
crushed, a crimson robe is given,
stained with our sins and stricken!

We have been promised our sins are forgiven

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