Childhood Tales
Number Two

“I have often wondered why these
things happened”
Words of a child who would one day
know the reason why

How much longer riding
to the hospital with sirens
and lights?

Her children crying would
mother be alright?

Inebriated once again
husband number two
hits her head with the
old car door

Metal against metal
she trembles blood
oozing out seizing
like a stricken bird

Her body stiffened
falling to the floor her
brain compromised more

With a shriek she bit her
cheek then her tongue
purple turned white
quick get the spoon

Teeth rattle against
rattle white spit comes
out of her lips dilated eyes
now white slits

The hospital smell made
me sick almost fainting
holding on to the wall

Sterile doctors and nurses
dressed in white working
under glaring lights

Dilantin pill for her ill
usually hostile but when
docile a sign of another
We could always tell!

These stories are shared not
for sympathy but to help the
reader know by the grace of
God there go I.

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