Red Shoes

“I really wanted those shoes, but one more
time I was disappointed

Words of a child who through mishap
and misfortune was enabled to turn her
discouragements into lessons of trust

We went to the store to
buy shoes
I chose a red pair shiny
and pretty
Mother said I could not
have them now
she had an errand to do
We left the store and
walked down the street
to double the money so
she could buy food and
She slipped through the
door of a building with
enticing lights
red and blue sparkling
in the night
to play twenty one
She would be there till
the money was gone
I waited on the street
for hours
She came out mad
she had lost all she had
No shoes or food for
the next two weeks
But then it would
happen all over again!

A word of caution the
following poems may
be offensive but they
are true
The Cat
Stepfather number
three came home drunk
He ordered my brother
to get the gun
He shot the cat in front
of us
we were stunned
The sound of the gun
in our ears
There was blood and
now we had none
We would just have
to get another one!

Sexual Assault
A trickle of blood
a cramp
horrified she looked
The menses had struck
her mother never told
her of such…
One winter night the
wind howls at the door
the stove goes out but
for a few coals
The sleeping child awakes

with a start
Running to her mother’s
bed she is not there
a man is instead…
“What are you doing
down there?
Don’t shame me like
I’ll get you back
I’ll tell my mother on you”
I thought I was to blame
I was filled with shame
but then I learned it
wasn’t my fault
It was called sexual

The above poems are excerpts
from the book
“Mining Town Girl”

*Today it is called Sexual Abuse

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