Tale Of A Mining Town Girl

“Our Bumps And Ridges Became Bridges Of Life”

Words of a mining town girl

…The earth crumbled beneath our
We felt the gusts of wind and ate
the dust
It took a lot of trust to live in a
land like this
Our mama loved us the best
she could
Everywhere she went we went
Taking us for a ride over hills
bumps and ridges
That would become bridges
over time
This is where we should have
been in spite of misery and
We were being prepared for
the lessons of life
It was a long way from LA for
this girl and boy
The circuits of our travels are
telling a story
One that unravels in time
One hopefully that will help
others on their travels as

My brother became a minister
for God
We were mercifully delivered
and desire to help others who
can relate to our story

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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