Christmas In A Mining Town

“The tree is decorated with sagebrush garland
and colorful candies”

Words of a mining town girl

Winter comes and it is
Christmas time in the
mining town
A time for celebration
a holiday parade is a lot
of fun
Those playing carols
march down the street
along with children
singing and playing to
the music’s beat
Because there are no
trees in the town
the miners go up into

nearby mountains and
cut a pinion pine
The tree is decorated
with sagebrush garland
crepe paper bells
and colorful bows
Gathering around the
blazing fire
Jolly ol’ Saint Nick hands
out gifts
No one thinks about the
hardships here when they
have such a happy time
as this
Some towns are lucky
they live close enough
to cut a tree
In one of the towns they
live the tree is called
the ‘never green tree’
where they make one
with boards nailed
together, or some find
the largest tumbleweed
and decorate with pretty
ribbons and candies
Snow begins to fall and
they run inside where
hot chocolate and gifts
are given to all…

Excerpts from the book
‘Mining Town Girl’

Read more at:

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