The Scarlet Cord


Her house is small sitting high on
the city wall
It has been a long night as
soldiers sit about campfires
quietly talking
glancing at the house snickering
and laughing
Rahab the harlot lives here!
Dawn begins to break as the
last red glow of fire embers
die to the earth
She has had a hard time sleeping
and rising early she veils her
face, for no one should see this
woman of disgrace as she runs
along the wall and down the
stairs into the cities streets
Peering out the window where
a red rose hung the night before
she is anxious for she has a special
errand to do, to replace this rose
with a scarlet cord
Dropping her few meager coins
along the way, leaning down,
quickly clutching them
she runs over cobblestone streets
into the very heart of this city
still asleep
The blue glow of the horizon
gently fades in the distance as
light softly appears
She is headed for the market
place just before dawn….

Excerpt from the book “Scarlet Cord”

Rahab the Harlot Lives Here”

Words from the book “The Scarlet Cord”

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