The Room

“A room once cold and lonely is now a room of peace and rest”

Words of hope spoken from a child of once despair
  • Each time I walk into this room,
    it seems so bare and empty,
    but for a few pieces of furniture
    old and worn.
    The windows are closed, the curtains
    old and torn.
    It seems not a breath of air stirs,
    it is tired and lonely,
    from cares it has refused to share. 
    It is in mourning, quiet and still,
  • Even the clock has stopped 
  • ticking.
    It portrays a lack of honesty and
    wears a costume of despair.
    Whenever I venture in, it is difficult
  • to leave, locked inside with its
    loneliness, bound to its chair of
    self defeat.
    Whoever walks by, is sure it is doomed
    and shakes their head.
    One day I looked in a room beside it
    and saw something that might cheer it.
    Knocking on the door I asked, “Could you
    spare a bed with a blanket of comfort
    and a chest of hope, and some curtains
    to brighten the windows, I could wash
    the walls with a little soap and water?”
    It was happy to share these things!
    Now the hands of the clock are ticking,
    the  sound comforting.
    Spools of yarn and threads of cotton
    have rewoven this room. 
    And now I have a place of peace,
    where I can rest, and when people
    walk by, they sit for awhile and spin
    their tales,
    in a room that has plenty of room
    to share their stories!

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