“A Captain comes to her aid, speaking a Word, lifting
her above this battle of rage”

  • The body is a commodity
    Little pieces making up
    The whole, each part is integral

    An odyssey takes place from
    a journey of long ago

    An lliad of a voyage over
     Warring waters to a destined
    place the place where it started

    A long wandering in her mind,
    The prodigy  child has been the
    Directing this ship through
    An uneven course of events

    The pirates are part of the
    Conspiracy stalking the decks
    With their muskets and swords

    Sailing the high seas searching
    For their bounty

    Quietly they come, then plunder
    Alive, these thieves of the stormy

    Entering the cabin of the ship
    Taking hostage of the child

    She fights, grasping back what is
    rightfully hers

    Beginning to flounder  in sinking
    A Sword gleaming in the night

    A Captain comes to her aid
     Speaking a Word lifting her above
    this battle of rage

    Now she is one in mind and body
    The commodities have been
    Restored, the ones she had lost in
     This battle of the mind!

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