Her Wanders and Travels had come in from the dust”

….so another journey of the
Girl as she leaves the story
Of the past behind,

The children have grown
Older the boy moves on but
She remains in the last mining

Her wanders and travels have
Come in from the dust,
But the bumps and ridges
Continue to travel in her mind…

There is placed within her heart
A desire to turn from her mother’s
Evil ways, 

Her father still lives in the city
And she visits on a bus, an exciting
Time,  she is not sure why, he
Is inebriated, but he is kind,

Things back home are still about
The same, arguments and fights…
Sporadic visits with her father
Always end with heart wrenching

She prays that she will not be sent
Away that it can be delayed for a
While anyway,

Father becomes ill, the  boy and
Girl are called to his side…

Gasping for breath, thinking this
Will surely be his last, as the
 Seconds go by, seems like a 
Minute then he takes another

He is dying in agony and pain
that alcohol brings…
Tears come as she returns home,
Never to have her father again,

Now a greater desire than ever
Fills her heart, slowly it is filled
With devotion and piety

No more bad words, no sleeveless
Dress, no more lipstick and eye
Shadow causes the worse duress,
Her lips and eyes have always
 Hidden what is inside

The holes that were bored for
Earrings, skin filled in,
Hair is straight no more curls
No more dangles, bangles or 
Anything, her altered face erased
From the world,

Of all of these things denied she
Had hoped she had arrived,
Only to find there was still no
Peace inside,

Little did she know she looked
to God, as she had to her father,
Always trying to be good to
Earn His favor…

Excerpts from ‘The Wanderlust’ poem

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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