What Is This Command?

A kind gentle Man accepts me just as I am

Words of a child adopted and set free
  • What is this command
     You have given to me

    To come to the Father
    On bended knee ?

    How to do this I am at a

    For it seems that the
    Separation is far too

    When I think of a father
    I get confused

    I think of him who was 
    Always late

    When did this happen

    Perhaps when the night
    Terrors struck at an early

    Of my father standing by
    Not attempting to rescue 

    Or save from the terror I
    Was that when the fear
    Of a father was dealt?

    But now it is time to let
    That father image go

    And look to God the Father
    As a kind gentle Man that
    Accepts me just as I am

    I am at Your mercy knowing 
    Full well, You are not my
    Father I am talking to

    You are much greater than

    You are the one who adopted Me!

    Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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