Father Of Lights

“It seems such a long way between You and I”
  • Father Of Lights

    From a child’s perspective…

    Oh Father of lights,
    Do You live in the sky?

    Do you look out Your
    Window from your 
    Home on high?

    At the sun in the morning

    Are you the Man in the
    Moon, shining moonbeams
    On the stars

    To see how far they will fly?
    You are so far, I can’t jump 
    That high

    Or maybe ride on a kite
    But it won’t fly that high

    It seems such a long way
    Between You and I

    Some say you are light,
     Would you be too bright to
    Look upon? 

    I don’t understand what
     It really means but it says
    You are loving and kind

     So I will bid You goodnight
    And thank You for light
    However it comes!

    Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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