Damaged Parts

“I lost a lot of pieces in the diseases…how can I be put
back together again?

Words of a child once abused and forgotten
  • I am a grownup now with
    A little girl’s heart
    I offend easily so please
    Don’t expect too much

  • I wish I could do what 
    You want, to be generous
    With my heart
    To be the person you want
     Me to be

    But I just can’t it has been
     Broken apart

    I cry, I weep, I tried to be
    The best for your sakes
    But I lost a lot of pieces in
     The diseases

    How can I be put back
    Together again?

    Maybe a little grease or a
    Bottle of glue and some
    Stickers too?

    Thinking this was the answer
    To my damaged parts torn

    I even tried to sew with a
    Needle and thread, this is

    Am I to fix a fractured body
    I just can’t?
    But there is One who can
    Do what I can’t do

    One that will bind my
    Bruises and wounds and
    Make me well again!

    Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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