No Plague Nor Pestilence

The promise is given
“Neither plague nor pestilence
Shall come to your dwelling”

A divorce has been


A certificate of death,

Two people once sharing

The chamber bed lay in


The promise ‘until death

Do we part’ forsaken and


Those betrothed now in


A mother put away,

A father in spirits lay

The ripening womb

Bereft of life

Leaves the only child sold for


To the creditor she is


For her soul the enemy has


Can this estrangement be

Brought together?


Did you think My arm too

Short to save?

Why when I called, did you not


Why did I not find you who I have

Searched for?

Why for the fleshpots of

Egypt do you lust?

Why do you not trust?

I will hold you up that you

Will not fall

Be not as Pharoah of old

Who would not let his

People go

For in My anger I vowed,

Unless My people turn to Me

I cannot from –

Pestilence and plagues

Keep thee

Why is the brush of

The hyssop not passing

upon your dwelling,

Where is the blood of the lamb

Painted on your door?

That I may protect you from

The angel of death, that you

And your children will be


Your souls no longer bared

I have betrothed you,

You will never again sleep

Alone, tied to the bed posts

Of bondage

By my rebuke I dried up the

Sea, turning your deserts

Into rivers

When you died for lack of

Water and lay on the

Thirsty ground, I lifted you

from the enemy’s attacks

The skies I dressed in

Mourning and covered

with sackcloth and ashes

I now dress in light

Delivering you from fear and


I console the weary with

A word in the morning

I sharpened your hearing

That You might listen,

I hold you up up when you


For You in all Your glory,

Mend this death proclaiming –

Oh listen my people, turn to me

I will deliver you from all

*Sin and pestilence!

*Promise from The Book of

Psalms chapter 91 verse 10

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