The Weeping Child

In the womb, the rhythm of my mother’s
Heart beat lulls me to sleep”

He calls me, I leave behind

The speck of space in another

Place, where He knew me

Before I was born

Taking a handful of dust

He gently draws me with his

Cord of love,

I cannot see, nor mind

Understand, lingering for a

Moment, then traveling at

The speed of light,

I am immersed in the womb,

The rhythm of my mother’s

Heart beat lulling me to sleep

As my body is taking form and

Shape I am not alone

An ancestral family chain

Accompanies me, engraining

Memories grown on the family


Ring upon ring, bearing

Leaves of each generation

Their mirrors reflecting their

Shadows in me,

His clock announces the time

To enter earth’s passage way,

Water breaks forth, pain

Begins in my timely birth

Clinging to my mother’s womb,

I hear a scream, then a force

That cannot stop begins

Her cries get closer and closer

As I inch through the birth


Slipping down the corridor

Of time, with one last cry,

She pushes forward as two

Large hands reach in

A pair of pincers with two

Metal handles grasp my head

Pulling me out

I am delivered now!


I become a child, I play and laugh,

Then one day familiar voices I

Do not hear

A family once dear I cannot see,

Walking outside looking at the

Sky, could they be hiding up


I don’t see them!

I cry, where are you father and


This is the time the shadows

In the womb begin to follow

Me, sad thoughts whispering

In my ears

I am alone, the earth is empty.

Shaken, I cannot look upon

This desolation


Oh weeping Prophet* your broken

Heart caused you to write a book

For a broken people

As you weep for your people

Will you shed tears for me as


Copyright (2015) Donna Nieri

*Taken from the book of ‘Jeremiah’

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