The Widow Woman

“And then through faith she did as Elijah said”
and she was blessed for she and her son ate for many days”

  • With torrents of water, the
    Wind blinding his way,
    Succumbing to the fear of a
    Queen, seeking his life

    Elijah seeks shelter in a cave
    And falling asleep, a nightmare

    One of good and evil and he
    Pleads with God that he may
    See Him

    On a mountain God invites him
    To stand

    A great and powerful wind tears
    The mountain apart, shattering

    Is this where God dwells?
    But the Lord is not in the wind!

    Then there is an earthquake!
    But the Lord is not in the

    And after the earthquake came
    A fire!
    But God is not in the fire!

    And after the fire there is
    Silence, as God speaks in a still
    Small voice

    His prayer is heard!
    And God had a message for
    Elijah, sending him on a journey
    Far away

    Walking through groves, trees
    Are leafless, gaunt skeletons
    Affording no shade

    Dust storms blinding as if set
    On fire under the scorching heat
    Of the noon day sun

    Streams are dry, flocks wander
    In distress, wondering why

    And still God’s children would not
    Walking through the gates of a
    Village, a strange stillness of
    Sadness is felt, a drought and
    Famine had struck

    The night before she fell asleep
    Looking upon her child she cried,
    “What would happen to him?
    He was all she had!”

    In the early morning hour, lighting
    A flame she goes into her house
    To gather the last of the oil and
    The grain of flour

    A voice is called to the woman
    To bring him water and a loaf
    Of bread

    And she replies “I have but a few
    Sticks and enough flour for a meal
    And nothing left.”

    Elijah replies “Bring it to me and
    There will be enough to provide
    For you and your son for many
    Days, for your jar of flour and your
    Cruse of oil will not fail”

    And she wondered at his words
    But if she followed his order her
    Son may not see the setting of the

    And then through faith she did as
    Elijah said and she was blessed
    For she and her son ate for many
    There were many more years of
    Drought and famine, plagues
    And pestilence

    But through Elijah’s faith in
    Proclaiming God’s word

    The people of God repented and
    Were delivered from all these
    Afflictions that ravished their

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