Empty Casinos – Empty Streets


The casinos are quiet

No noisy machines, I

Wonder what seniors

Are doing with their time,

With no handles to pull?

This germ that has

Disrupted our lifestyle

So abruptly,

To try to come to terms

With this, is challenging

Malls are empty and

The stores are closed

With a sign on the

Door ‘corona virus has shut

Our doors’

People are bound to

Their homes

This pandemic scare has

Our eyes fixed on the 6pm


With frightening scenes

Our streets are empty, just a

Very few venture out, I saw

My neighbor and felt like

Running over for just a

Few words to comfort with each

Other, but the

6 foot radius was too much

She couldn’t hear me very

Well from the wind that was


The circumference of this

Illness swiftly surrounding

The earth is tightening its


With the malaise of thinking I

Have Felt

Trying to relieve myself

My hair is getting longer

Every day and I am tempted

With the scissors

It takes such an effort to wash

It, who really cares, I’m not

Going anywhere?

The dogs are licking their

Paws and really need their

Nails trimmed, but who knows


I would like to go to the

Store but then I think, would

I be putting not just myself at

Risk but others too with

This pandemic like flu

Could this be a time to stop

And reflect?

In a time like this I am so

Much more vulnerable to

Feelings and emotions

This is very serious,

So if I can only sit and write

Poetry to get through it, but

How do I do this, when

Most all I write is dark and


Lightheartedness is not

My genre, I’m not sure why,

Maybe its because how I was

Raised as a youngster,

But since the corona bite

Maybe a little light hearted

Words might lessen the


Oh, you cursed illness if only

One good thing you bring is

To know if we believe in

God we have nothing to

Fear and all to gain

In retrospect I find it almost

Alarming to think that in

Such a time as this I could

Capture the right words,

I almost feign (for lack of

A better old English word)

To explain

This insidious concoction

That has drained our

Resources and put our

Medical profession at risk

But I’ve done my best

So I better finish and let

Go of this!

Copyright(2020) Donna Nieri

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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