The Exodus


The Exodus

Part One:

In the land of Egypt a pallor

Has spread

Death is imminent

All sits in darkness but the

Land of Goshen,

Where God’s chosen people

Wait for deliverance

And so Moses took his staff in


For he had a plan to lead God’s

People out of this slavery land

Before Pharoah he cast

A rod, a serpent appeared,

Pharoah became scared

To this stubborn man Moses said

“Let these people go,

Or pestilence and plague will

Come upon you and your


Then Moses struck the water,

The River Nile turned to blood

Frogs invaded the Pharoah’s

Palace, where he slept, and in

The ovens

Into piles the frogs were heaped,

Dust was turned to lice and

Flies, flying upon man and beast

And all Pharoah’s people pled with

Him “let them go” but once

Again he would not answer,

Until the angel of death struck

His son

Then this frightened man

Said “into the desert wilderness

Take your children, that they may

Worship your God in heaven”

And so the Great Exodus began!

Multitudes of people were driven

From Egypt

Pharoah changed his mind after

They left

God was tired of his lies!

Following close behind he sought

The people, but to this God had


A large sea appeared, God split

It in two, on dry land His children

Passed through

On the other side they sang and cried –

“We have been saved but

Pharoah and his army He cast into

The sea, the waters swallowed

Them and they all died”…

To be continued

Copyright(2020) Donna Nieri

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