Innermost Cleansing

The Cleansing Hand Of God

The rush for cleansing has

Come upon us,

With distance from others,

Separating us from this

infectious virus

Soap, bleach, hand

Sanitizers and gloves

Any thing to keep this

Illness from us

We are in a panic, the

Hoarding has begun,

The stores are empty

Where can we turn?


All of this is good and

Needful, precaution is

Of utmost importance

But have we neglected,

Not only the body is

Needful of cleansing but

Our innermost souls too,

Our heart of stone is

Something we cannot do

The promise from above – the

Cleansing hand of God

“Though your sins are like

Scarlet they shall be as

White as snow, though they

Are red like crimson they shall

Be as wool”

“Turn to me for why would

You fear pestilence

And plague? Is my hand

Shortened that It cannot


No evil shall befall us,

Nor plague come near us

For He shall give his angels

Charge over us, to keep us

In all His ways!

*Psalm 91:10

Copyright (2020) Donna Nieri

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