The Passover

The Angel Of Death Visited Pharoah’s Land

The Exodus

Part Two

The Passover

…warned once again by

Moses and Aaron, their

Message was spurned by

A great haughty King…

Pharoah hardened his heart,

The one who drove God’s

People with a mighty whip,

With mud and straw forced to

Make bricks

The great pyramids stained

With the blood of the slavery’s


The King’s people pled “let these

People go”

“Our flocks and herds, our jewels

And gems, we would gladly give

Them, that we may be delivered

From this pestilence, sent by

Their God with His heavy rod”

At midnight the Angel of Death sped

Across Egypt’s heathen land,

The first born were stricken

The cry of the mother, of a

Father, the cry of the beast in the


Crying to their gods but none

Heard their call

The cattle in the field, the oxen’s


Not a crypt nor a grave could

Hold them all

Upon this land the stench was

Appalling, driving man and

Beast to the brink of despair

The Israelites were spared,

All those who bore the

Blood as a sign of God

Commanded to prepare a

Special feast of paschal lamb,

Bitter herbs and unleavened


This infant nation born of

Suffering and pain

Now free in innocence,

Cradled in their Father’s

Arms, led by their leader

Moses, their journey began

As of old, the ram in the thicket

Spared Abraham’s knife,

Saving Isaac’s life

Pointing us to the ‘Lamb of


That all children of each

Generation would not forget

How they were set free and

Would always keep

“The Passover” feast!

Copyright(2020)Donna Nieri

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