The Forgotten Day

In A Tomb, Especially Hewn, He Was Laid To Rest

The Forgotten Day

The sun forgot to shine that


With a frown it slowly faded


Darkness filled the sky

Upon this event no one

Could look

Mockers spit upon His body

The heathen raged

The Pharisees gloated,

They had had their way

The sky split in two the

Rocks broke asunder

His body thrust with a


Water and blood from

A broken heart appeared

Caiaphas, why did you

Plot to kill this Man?

Pilate’s wife said “have

Nothing to do with Him”

Of His guilt he washed his


Joseph laid Him in a tomb,

Especially hewn, to rest

His beloved friends

Laid his hands upon His


His Holy death and

Resurrection we honor

But of the day in between

These blessed events

We are prone not to think

Tradition has it, on the eve

Of the day He died, He cried

“It is finished”

Then bowing His head He went

To heaven

But how can that be, if so, why

Would He need a Resurrection?

On this day of preparation,

With myrrh and aloes

Mary anointed His body

On the Sabbath day she

Rested honoring the Lord of

The creation week

Oh you wily ones, did you think

Your seal upon the stone would

Keep the Saviour hidden?

From the grave He has risen,

So on this day between death and


Let not this day be forgotten!

Copyright (2020) Donna Nieri

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