Signs And Wonders

“As The Days In Noah So Shall It Be Now”

With Twelve Young Men
I climbed Olivet,
Following their Teacher’s
With his Disciples I
Why are there so many
Disturbing things happening?
What will be the signs of Your
Soon coming?
This Teacher of God will
Surely have the answers to
All of these things approaching
From the Mount they looked
Upon the temple, beautiful
And proud,
But their Teacher warned, not
One stone shall remain but
All will be thrown down…
For as in the days of Noah
Shall it be
Eating and drinking, marrying
And giving in marriage, then
The flood took them all away
There shall be earthquakes,
Wars, pestilence and plagues,
But be not afraid
Though you may be betrayed,
Fathers and mothers may reject
You, children may turn against
I will never leave you or forsake
…And immediately after those days,

The sun will be darkened!
The moon will not give its light!
The stars will fall from the sky!
And the heavens will be shaken!
Many shall say “look for
Me in the desert or in the chamber,
Do not go there!”
For as the light comes from the
East and flashes toward the west
So shall you see me when I come
No one knows the hour I will come
But My Father in heaven
Though days may be dark and
Look up to the sky and know I am with
I am your hiding place, I preserve
You from trouble,
All who look to Me I will rescue!

Inspirations from
“The Book Of Matthew”
Chapter 24 in God’s Word

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