Dungeons And Devils

“The battle is raged, one of my mind,
One on my own, cannot be won”

Each day I dress in my finest


Shoes of the latest style

My hair neatly done and


A fashionable statement

To present to the world


The night had been long,

Dreams of memories,

Awakening with alarm

The first sound in the morning,

The radio is frightening,

Incredibly sad, but that

Is in another country

Nothing here could ever happen

That bad

With the last cup of coffee,

Shirking my shoulders,

In complacency I face the


But one thing I forgot, I forgot

To pray!

The enemy knew that and jumped

Right in

Placing me in a familiar place

when I forget to pray

Of rejection and pain,

Confusion and doubt, anger

Over something I cannot

Do anything about

A battle is raged, one of the


One on my own, cannot be

Of devils and demons in

Dungeons of hell, seeking

Others like me held prey,

By the devil’s advocates

And all because I forgot to


Satan’s attacks are lethal

His time is short

Our only defense is the Word

Of God

His armor our protection

But I had forgotten that!

In the midst of the enemy’s

Playground, a warzone I am


Bullets are shooting, artillery


Sounds of rumblings from

Bombs exploding

My only weapon is the rush

Of adrenalin to keep my


To increase my flight as they

Chased me night and day

I ran and ran till I could no

More, beaten bruised and sore

Until finally I was backed in

A corner with no place to go

And all because I forgot to pray!

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