The Great Red Dragon

“He Was Cast From Heaven, Becoming A Red Dragon”

  • War broke out in heaven
    One between good and evil

    A Celestial angel,
    dwelling in God’s presence
    And full of wisdom

    With brightness above all
    The stars of heaven

    On God’s holy mountain,
    Desired exaltation

    He had become jealous even
    Though he dwelt in paradise
    And freedom

    He summoned all the angels,
    To question God’s goodness

    Heaven’s harmony was broken
    With apprehension the angels
    Were stricken

    But Michael and his angels
    Won the battle and this Celestial
    Being was cast from heaven
    Becoming a great red Dragon

    He drew with his tail a third
    Of the angels

    If only he had repented
    He would have been forgiven

    He was given a new name
    The Old Devil and Satan

    With his angels,
    Bound to this earth with his evil
    He developed a plan of rebellion

    God had made a decision,
    He and his Son would bring a
    New Earth of creation

    Satan decided to visit the Garden
    Of Eden

    Adam and Eve were given a
    “Don’t go near the tree I have

    Satan became a serpent
    And questioned

    “Is it true God had spoken,
    All the trees you may have
    Except the one in the midst
    Of Eden?”

    And Eve replied “if we do we
    Will die in pain and suffering”
    And nearing the tree she had

    Going to Adam, together
    They quickly had eaten

    And in the coolness of the
    Evening God called His
    Children but they had hidden

    Still God loved his chosen
    Never from them turning
    And to them he had a plan
    That they would be forgiven…
    To be continued

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