In this time of chaos and confusion, with our country and

World facing such challenging issues, I am grateful for the

Media and technology we have to keep connected, regardless

Of our social distancing.

I am also grateful for another means of connection, with

God’s word, to give understanding, that all of these things

We are experiencing had been foretold thousands of years

Ago and recorded in history as proof that His Word is true.

A year ago I started my blog, hoping to share my story with


Now I would like to not only share this, but to share God’s

Story and what He can do for others as well.

When I was converted, I was a young mother,

And with the desire not to raise my children as I was

Raised, I seized this opportunity to give them what I

Had been denied.

The church I had joined was abundant in God’s prophecies

Pointing forward to the soon coming of our Lord, but with

All this knowledge there followed a darkness in me, of fear and

Trepidation that I would not be saved because of my sins

And lack of faith…

I started writing the story of my life in prose and poetry

Unraveling these fears and slowly seeing God’s love and

Protection that is given in the midst of things that must

Shortly come to pass.

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