A River Runs Through It

“One Of The Famous Rivers Of Nevada”

The beautiful Truckee River runs through Reno. It has been a good winter for us.
The river is slowly rising. In a few days, in the beginning of May, there
would normally be a few rafters floating down the river, those brave enough
to stand the cold runoff from the mountains. People standing on the sides
taking in the scenery. But this year it will be different.
This is a challenging time for all of us, but nature takes its course. Rivers run, birds
sing, the beautiful clouds that Nevada skies host. The sunsets with their
gorgeous colors setting in the west.
When I was a child I lived in mining towns in the Silver State. We would
take trips to Reno sometimes and I would wait for my parents in the casinos
on Virginia Street. The river would be special for me since we lived in the
high desert where there were few rivers to enjoy.

“Old Chevy Coupe”

On our trips to Reno, my brother and I with our parents and our old black
chow would all fit in the car, don’t ask me how, but we did it.

“Silver City Mining Town”

This is one of the mining towns during the horse and buggy days. The last
mining town of many where we settled.

“An Old Trailer Like This One”

One of the mining towns, Tonopah, we lived in a trailer like this. Unfortunately
my mother couldn’t make the payments and they repossessed it.

“Old Mining Town Church”

This is a picture of a church in many mining towns. We never went to
church, but little did we know, we would go to church later in our
lives. I have written a series of books on my childhood experiences,
and even though they were very difficult they were preparing me
for a better life.

Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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