The Tower Of Babel

Some seem to think it a myth or a fable, but those who

“Their Words Were All Mixed Up”

Have faith are able to believe and find it true…even history

Has proven it actually happened.

In the land of Nod east of Eden, a fugitive and vagabond

Was cast in a land forbidden. Cain had been cursed for

His brother’s death.

“Cain Had Been Cursed For His Brother’s Death”

Mingling with the heathen, partaking of their evil ways,

His seed prospered. People had become corrupt, God’s

Mercy had striven,”return to my grace and be forgiven”

But they would not heed the warning, until God visited

With a flood. The rain had fallen, filling valleys and plains.

People pleading “open the door of your ark that we may


“But It Was Too Late, Only Noah And His Family Were Saved”

But it was too late, only Noah and his family were saved.

For forty days they rode the tumultuous waves. When

The doors of this boat were opened, Noah and his

Family were commanded to multiply, but then the

Land was filled once again with men filled with evilness

And pride

Fearing Another Flood They Gathered Together

Fearing another flood they gathered together “we must

Build a city and a tower, for perhaps another flood may

Come upon us. They gathered together on the tableland

Of Shinar.

The whole earth was of one language and speech and they

Easily spoke to one another. There they built the tower

Called ‘Babel’ large and tall, reaching to the sky, hoping

From earth to reach the heavens.

God looked down one day and knew if He didn’t constrain

“People Were Scattered All Over The Earth, Speaking A Different Language”

These people they would surely have their way. And so

he brought confusion upon them. These tradesmen

Were all very good, but when one man needed clay he

Was given a pail, when one needed mortar he was

Given nails, and bricks were needed he was handed sticks.

Their speech was all mixed up, not understanding.

They became angry and railed against each other.

And all the people were scattered over all the earth speaking

In different tongues!

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