A Continuing Wanderlust Story


A Continuing Wanderlust Story

…Sporadic visits from time

To time with her father, always

Ends with heart wrenching


Praying she will not be sent

Away, that her stay can be

Delayed for awhile anyway

He becomes ill, the boy and

Girl are called to his side, as

He gasps for breath, thinking

This will surely be his last

The seconds go by, seems like

Minutes, then he breathes

One more time

He is dying in agony and pain

That alcohol brings

It started with one, beer then

Whiskey and highballs

There is no cure all for this

Tears come as she returned

Home, never to have her father

Back again


It is a cruel fate, for a mother

Who knew no better,

Languishing upon her bed in

A cancerous state

A body eaten by a sinister disease

Leaves a ravaged body instead

She wails like the sound of a

Stricken bird

Lips are swabbed with a cloth,

Retching in the pan placed

Below her head

The girl bathes her broken body

Hoping her mother will be spared

And soon be taken away

Felines stalk the room with cries

Clawing curtains, scratching at

The door, sensing her eminent


Mother reaches to her daughter

Arms outstretched, then

One more breath she dies

The girl is in shock and suddenly

Struck with anger, she had had

With her mother

And this is how her parents

Departed leaving their legacy


But by the grace of God these

Children were saved, from following

A Life like theirs

There is placed within her

Heart a desire to turn from her

Mother’s ways…


Mama came home one day with

A book,

The girl tried to read it, but it

Made no sense and she placed it

On a shelf…

Then a greater desire than ever

Filled her heart, and slowly it is

Filled with devotion and piety

No more bad words, no sleeveless

Dress, no more lipstick and eye

Shadow, caused the worse duress

Her lips and eyes have always

Hidden what is inside

The holes bored for earrings skin

Filled in, hair is straight no more


No more dangles, bangles

Diamonds or anything

Her altered face erased from

The world…

Still sitting, covered with dust

She is convicted to take the

Book off the shelf

Beginning to read the Word

Hope begins to dispel her doubt…

To be continued


Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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