A Wanderlust’s Mental Illness

“All Of Her Desires Are As Ropes Of Sand”

Her desert experience had left her

Parched and dry, leaving a trickle

Of a stream, becoming stagnant

And full of lies

She had seeked something better

To take its place, a wanderlust shaking

The dust from her feet and face…

Taking the dusty book from the shelf

She is convicted of its words,

Surely this is something that will change

Her life

Enraptured with the Good News she is led

To share it with her mother and brother

She is concerned with her brother’s ways,

Heeding her concern he turns to God,

Changing his life for the better

Her mother is converted and becomes

Zealous, going to opposite extremes

Pronouncing hell fire and damnation,

Embarrassing her in front of family and


She becomes puzzled, her mind questions

Her new found faith, why does she have

This anger with her mother, why has the

Light suddenly become dark with shame?

The pressing memories of the past

Creates turmoil and confusion as she

Vacillates between anger and blame

Her mind is ready to explode, she developes

A puzzling way of defense as she retreats

Into darkness

Compulsive behavior becomes a prey

Repetitive prayers and rituals to keep

The enemy at bay

Using codes and symbols that assemble

In her head

A stutter of the mind begins, at each

Assault her mind makes a circle of words

In sequence of five, as the battle intensifies

It is difficult to explain the intricate design

That weaves the girl’s mind to the womb

Of her mother’s time

She desperately desires to cut the cord

That ties her to her maternal past

But these ties resist, there is not an

Instrument sharp enough to sever this

All these desires are as ropes of sand

Always returning to where she began

Fleeing into a shiftless sea of windswept


But in time she will understand the words

That are spoken

“You have drawn in your heart a picture

Of Me, one like your father, but he is not

The one you will see”

To be continued…


Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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