No Longer A Wanderlust

“Her Thoughts Are Restored To Their Rightful Place”

…It is time to relinquish her pious ways

Worshipping no longer an unforgiving god

Adoring a Heavenly Father now


Sitting on a bench, reflecting on her life

There is a longing in her heart, couldn’t

It have been better than this?

But if it had not been for this, she would

Not have reached for something better

The formative years have not been wasted

This is a work in progress, a prophecy in

Time, she presses on with hope, that what

She cannot see, will one day come to be…


The house stands strong and tall,

Proud and free it looks to be

Leaves swept bare, not a weed to

Be seen, all in all this place has a

Happy face, but windows and doors

Are locked, no one can go in or out

A girl resides here, it is dark, the

Kitchen table with empty chairs

Is saddened, in the cupboards are

Antagonists chewing, lowly locusts

With their flatulence bellies and

Bulging eyes, inch their way through

Grubby cabinets…

A cry is heard from the disheveled

Cat, as smoke comes through the

Door, the room at the very top

Bursts into flames, the room the girl

Could never go in, she is awakened

And quickly rises, it is sad this

House is now ashes, but it has to be

A new way flashes in her mind

Her Thoughts Must Be Replaced

To Their Rightful Place!

The Years The Locusts Have Eaten

Must Be Restored!

The scavengers of earth must

Bow in solemnity to the Sacred Word

The letters she has hidden behind

Are now words of poetry seeking

Her mind, pages are bursting to

Be heard, the code is revealed in

God’s word, the once disarrayed

Cat sits by the fire in contentment

The puppeteers have relinquished

Their ties with shears sharp

Enough to break the lies, the

Cabinets are no longer stirring,

Gnawing has ceased as the

Locusts retreat, she did all she

Could to make herself clean, her

House has become a home,

Glowing within

She would like to invite all to come

And eat, there is plenty of room at

The table, a table draped in fine

Linen, bread and drink freely

Given, candlelight reflecting the

Faces of those no longer hidden!


Excerpts from the book ‘ Wanderlust’

Claiming the promise in The Book

Of Joel 2:25

In God’s Word

Read more at:

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