The Box

“I Visited The Box When Life Was Violent And I Was Seeking Solace”

It arrived, it was a solemn occasion,

People were hesitant, I did not know


I tried to look in, but I was too small

And it was too tall

A narrow box, I was curious, what

Was in it?

I tried to lift the lid, but my fingers

Could not reach

With each attempt I became more

Intent to see what this box meant

As time went by I became older, going

Back to see if perhaps I could open it


I returned to the box when life was violent

And I was seeking solace

Visiting a garden of rest, as they

Lowered a box in the earth, there were

Similarities as the one I had seen as

A child

Then I knew it was for those who had


That could be me!

And then one day I fell asleep and was

Planted in the box reserved for me

Waiting to become broken and come

To new life…

No earthly box can contain my soul, for

When it is time for me to rise, He cries,

Pulling me through the earth’s crust,

I am thrust out of the box to receive the

Heavenly prize, one the coffers of this

Earth cannot provide!

Poem from the book

“Weeping Child To Forgiving Child”

Copyright (2015)

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5 thoughts on “The Box

      1. Continue writing such informative work that evokes feelings in the readers. please check out my blog


      2. Your blog website is beautiful. Diamonds in the dirt very unique. I left a
        comment on your website but not sure it was posted. It wouldn’t let me
        log in saying It will not accept my account or password. If you do not
        receive it could you please let me know. Thanks so much!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hello Donna .. thank you for liking my blog website 🤗 I indeed didn’t get the comment you left on my blog but the fact that you put in effort to write it makes me grateful
        Love through all pores
        Tsunami of hope


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