Journey From Doubt To Faith

“She Was Given A New Name, Faith”

An allegory

My name is called doubt, one that I really don’t like

But it fits me so well, it is a name I can’t live without!

I have a heavy load to carry, guilt, shame and contrition

It’s all just too much to mention…

There is a Celestial City, I have heard, that is beautiful

And bright. I would like to to take a journey to see it

But every time I start, I’m not sure which way is right

Crossing a bridge that is treacherous, fearing I might

Fall, a stranger appears, and I ask her name,

‘Courage’ she says and that I will be alright

I don’t really have anything to worry about

Do I dare trust her? It is a difficult name to trust with



Is the next name guiding me in the right direction and then

‘Patience’ appears, bidding me rest that I will have strength

For the upcoming test

‘Hope’ comes along just when I need it most and

‘Faith’ appears

I ask her what her name means and she explains

“Faith gives us hope to believe what we cannot see”

Oh, I would love to have this name, but with doubt it is

Hard to believe it would ever come to be

‘Charity’ arrives, the most important one of all

Continuing on with my journey, all seven of these have

Been my friends helping me cross this difficult land

Darkness turns to light, looking up at the shining sun

The City comes to view and

Courage, Guidance, Patience, Hope, Faith and ‘Charity’

Along with Faith, are all waiting at the gates to welcome me

They have given me a new name, Faith, just like my friend,

Faith, who gave me trust and confidence to continue on

My heavy burden becomes light, as I enter this City, there

Are glorious sights, with streets of gold and a River

Of Life

I want to stay here! But I feel a sense of love and duty

Heaven calls me but earth beckons me too, I must

Leave my robe behind and enter again into the world

Of troubles, perhaps I can share my journey from doubt

To faith with others in their struggles too…

Excerpts from the above poem

‘Journey from Doubt to Faith’

Copyright(c)2015 Donna Nieri

Inspiration from ‘Paul Bunyan’s’

‘Pilgrim’s Progress’

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