The Voice

When does a poem become a poem?

A thought sprinkled in the mind, or

Written on paper?

I began writing poetry, hoping to find


From life experiences I had become

Disconnected, not knowing which way

To go, until I was driven to distraction


A Story Of Two Becoming One

I am just visiting this person within

Not too personal is my intention

Don’t get too close, or she will shut


I tried it once, her feelings were

Exposed and my words were


There is just too much distance

Between us

Once we were close and held

Each other, we laughed and cried


Then a strange thing happened

We parted, really not sure why

And said goodbye and went our

Separate directions, but a little

Piece of us stuck to each other

Sometimes l get lonely for her, the

Part that escaped me, but we are

Shaped so differently, we could no

Longer fit together…


I really would like to know the way

To find the rest of myself, and then I

Heard a voice from behind, saying

“I will go before you, I will make your

Crooked paths straight, whether to

The right or left I will lead you”*

Poetry is truly a bridge between myself

And what is left of myself!

Excerpts from “The Voice”

Copyright (c) Donna Nieri 2016

*Promises found in God’s Word

Isaiah 30:21-45:2

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