The Glass Child

“How Can This Glass Child Be Free, Where Is The Key?”

As a child I felt obscure, to others I did not

Exist, until I even lost sight of myself within,

Dismissing my needs, becoming divided,

Seeking a child too fearful to speak

The Glass Child

I see her face to face, I

Cannot touch her in the

Glassy light

Reaching to me, she then fades away

Weaving between two separate lives

Transparent once more, her red

Heart shattered in bright pieces, is

This mystery child!

Black beads for eyes, crystal tears

She cries, pink porcelain lips unable

To speak

Dressed in black mourning, in disguise

Then as a mannequin she slowly turns

Another face appears

They are attached!

A child with the face of a clock with

Numerals and hands of gold

A pendulum swinging side to

Side, announcing the threshold

Of the hour

I looked at her in shock, she had

A mechanical brain and

Wrinkled skin, aged from carrying

Too much time on her back

Her feet wrapped in chains

Each time the clock struck,

Vibrating between herself and


How can this glass child be freed?

Where is the key to stop this

Perpetual clock that it may be


She did not know she had the key

In the very bottom of her heart, a

Part that had not been broken

But to tell her this she becomes


The shadows that have gathered

From the ancient depths, spin

Their heads in glee, they are

Sure they have this child in their

Grip, in her prison of misery

But they do not know this heavenly
Truth –

“For now we see through a glass

Dimly, but then face to face,

Now we know in part, then we shall

Know fully, even as we are fully


1 Corinthians 13:12

In God’s Word

Copyright 2015 revised DN

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