Cycle Of Life

I wonder at life, with its cares and strife

It is a mystery I cannot figure out

My mind’s thoughts and I are in struggle

I don’t think we are good for one another

However, we have a common denominator

A secret we hide, we question the Creator

We even get angry and ask Him why, she

And I

We moan and complain, ending in tears

Only to exaggerate our fears

How can we survive this earth, it is unstable?

Earth’s bones are old and tired, its entrails

Are full of anger and hate, oceans roar, angry

Waves sink, only to rise and soar, tides flow

From the womb of God, a second womb

Bares humanity

A mother impregnated with the seed of

A lustful father, we are on loan here it is

Not forever…

In the kitchen of old, God stirred His bowl

With a little dirt and water, He molded and

Folded, then added sons and daughters

The time and place where we live is

Determined, He carved a little space for each

Man, woman and race, the timeline of

Life, how quickly it ends, the earth swallows

The remains, and distances the cries, each

Time one dies

Are we any different from our ancestors

Long ago? Did they not experience birth

And death? Some taken at birth, some


The same sun shone on their backs, the

Moon shone on their sleep, the sea

Throbbed and beat, life goes on until

Time empties into space, for isn’t this between

Life and death, just a stopping place?

Copyright (c)2015 Donna Nieri

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