This Old House

“There Had Been Many Old Houses I Had Lived In
And Each One I Had Hoped Would Be Better”

The house won’t stop creaking

At night, is it trying to tell me

Something I might not like?

Houses talk too, they hold what

Is true, keeping secrets only it

And I knew

Its walls wrapped around me

Keeping me warm

Their windows letting sunlight


There had been many old houses

I lived in before, and each one I hoped

Would stay brand new

But then this house began to age

It was holding memories and the

Pain was too great, it was just too

Heavy and the roof started caving

The room at the top is full of

Smoke and ready to escape

Dizzy with swirling thoughts and

Queasy stomach, my head is

Worn out

The doctor said I need to get

Away, but my hair is tangled and

My clothes are tattered and worn

With all the storms blowing about,

I don’t see how I could ever get out…

Waiting for Mama to come back,

Then maybe things would be ok

But she had other things

To do, she didn’t know the damage

She was doing to this house that

Her child lived in

She said if I wouldn’t disobey and be

Good, things would get better

She kept going into those buildings

With flashing lights, but she never

Did win…

When she left I didn’t know what to do

So I took the hammer and nails

Continuing what she had done

Hammering my brain until I had

Become haunted with thoughts

That could not be explained
But really didn’t know any better

The mill down the street drones in my


In the basement are spiders and

Mice, rats scatter in the rafters

As I grew this house of mine got older

I called the plumber and the painter

But they said there is nothing they

Can do

“Just declare the last rites” they said

But who would come?

I don’t have any friends, they got

Tired of my whining and complaining

And then there was a knocking

On my door, I have been evicted,

They said, I needed to be removed

And so one more house I must find

In this circuit of mine…

But if I will just hold on, I’ve heard

There is a house in heaven being

Built that will never get old, a

Mansion being built for you and I!

A poem written to follow the story of

The Book ‘Mining Town Girl

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