Shanty By The Sea

“Shadows In A Deep Place In An Underwater Grave Wash The Tide”

A shanty by the sea sits high on a hill

The old lady knits as she

Watches the otters in the

Brilliant blue waters…

The seashore is scattered

With shells and cockles, sun

Reflecting colors of pink and

Pastels, mist from the ocean

Drifts through its windows,

Furniture is scanty in the shanty

A whitewashed table and chair

A patchwork spread with a

Spring mattress for a bed…

The old woman is burdened with

The forces that chase a child as I

Shadows in a deep place in an

Underwater grave wash the tide

Wrapping seaweed about my body

Reaching out, my shame pulls me

down to the ocean floor

But not all is bad in this journey

Ocean creatures are my fellow


Sea turtles swimming in a garden

Of anemones, their tentacles dance…

Sea horses prance to the ocean’s

Song, the fiddler crab strums his


Shaded by the lattice with purple


Her pantry shelves lined with

Jars of crisp apple and pear

She is tired as she sits in her chair,

Her white hair pulled into

A bun, with her hump back and

Cane she walks down the lane

Once again rising, I call her name

She answers back, “It takes time to

Be born, life is a test, you are not

Loved less”

“When you pass through deep waters,

*Remember you are not alone”…

The encumbrance of seaweed is


I am tossed on the shore, I am free

Once more I look for the old woman

She is no where in sight, could

She have been there to encourage

Me through the stormy nights?

When I passed through deep

Waters giving me the promise

I would be alright?

*Promise in the Book of Isaiah 43:2

Copyright (c) 2015 by Donna Nieri

Excerpts taken from the above poem

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