Hitchhike To Heaven

“My Load Is Heavy And I Am Forsaken”

It seemed like most all of my relationships in life were based on

An unrealistic image of my father. When I was converted to

Christianity, I looked to God as I did to him, not able to see the

Acceptance and love freely offered me, thinking I had to do

Something to earn His favor, my experience had become too

Heavy to bear, looking to others to get me to heaven

Here are a few poems I have written to convey these

Experiences –

The Road

It is a difficult road I have taken,

My load is heavy and I am

Forsaken, along this road to


Preachers, teachers, friends,

I look to all to get me in.

Holding my thumb up high,

Hoping for a ride, they wish me

Well and pass me by.

I don’t know how long I can do

This, I cry, I weep, all the rules I

Keep. I run and run, busy, busy,

Barely taking a breath, lest I

Falter and be left.

Everyday I confess, what more

Can I do? Throwing up my hands,

I quit, there is nothing I can do,

It is a gift!

“My Bucket Is Too Heavy, My Shovel Full Of Holes“

Canopy Of Heaven

She had a silly quarrel the other

Day, running home with her

Shovel and bucket, she no

Longer plays.

They had had such a good time

Together, playing and laughing.

Then something happened,

She doesn’t remember what,

She blamed it on Him, He was


She ran and ran, she was so mad,

It was His fault, she was sure of


They had played in the sandbox

Of time, as He molded and formed

Her, planting where she should be


Now she has no playmate and is

All alone, her bucket is too heavy,

Shovel full of holes, everything she

Does sifts through her hands.

Suddenly aware, it is just too hot,

The spot where His canopy had

Covered her is gone.

The poles have dropped, the cloth

Has fallen, there is no protection

To cover her from the evil one.

At least this is what she thinks,

Little does she know, He is waiting

For her to return to the sandbox,

And be playmates again!

“I Take Out My Crayons And Color Book”

Hide And Seek God

If only I knew how to find Him

When I go forward, He is not there

Backward I cannot see Him

When I turn to the left I do not

Behold Him, I face right but

He is not in sight, I take out my

Crayons and color book drawing

A picture in my mind but it doesn’t look

Like Him, the one I can’t find,

The one I imagine, cause it reminds me

Of the unkind one that I must leave


Read more at: www.donnaspoetry.com

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